Duck Dynasty: Jaycees Participate in DuBois Parade

In our small town you often see ducks waddling across the street, swimming down the nearest stream or sometimes approaching you for some of your food. On Saturday, June 18th, you probably saw a duck that was a little out of the ordinary. The 2016 DuBois Jaycees float went over swimmingly this year. In honor of their long time tradition of the Relay-for-Life Duck Derby, this year's Jaycees float was based around that event. Jaycee member and local art teacher, Matt Cherubini, hand crafted the large yellow duck that nested perfectly on the back a truck that was driven in the parade. Many Jaycees members, and their kids, joined in and passed out candy to the parade bystanders. President of the

Jaycees Bridging Together the Community

DuBOIS — The railings on the wooden bridge located over McCracken Road on the paved side of the Beaver Meadow Walkway in DuBois were rotting away. The floor was soft and spongy and could possibly break with too much weight. But all that changed this weekend when DuBois Area Jaycee volunteers replaced the floor, railing and painted the wooden bridge on the heavily used DuBois Walkway, with help from the City of DuBois. “The main thing is that we want to give something back to the community,” said Neil Hanes of the Jaycees. “We are a non-profit and we are always in people’s pockets and this is just our way of giving back to the community.” The project had been on Hanes’ mind ever since he was


We are a group of young professionals who work together to make our town an overall better place. 

DuBois Area Jaycees
P. O. Box 23
DuBois, PA 15801



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The Jaycees are a tax deductible 501c(4) organization for businesses.

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