Giving back to your community: Why it's good for business & your heart

As humans, it’s easy to feel as though you want to belong to something bigger or to donate to a worthy cause. As an entrepreneur, or working professional, it’s imperative to give back to the community that supports your business endeavors. From doing community service, to supporting a local sports team, to joining a professional association, there are many options out there for being proactive and supportive to your local town. Highlighted below are two different professional organizations that you can join; not only to assist in growing your business, but to also fulfill the desire to belong to something greater and quite admirable. My Professional Journey When I first moved home after bein


We are a group of young professionals who work together to make our town an overall better place. 

DuBois Area Jaycees
P. O. Box 23
DuBois, PA 15801



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The Jaycees are a tax deductible 501c(4) organization for businesses.

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