Presidential Legacy Spotlight: Bill Gasbarre

Your name: Bill Gasbarre Occupation: Sales & Marketing Manager, Gasbarre Products, Inc. Year you were President: 1986 How many years were you a Jaycee: I was a Jaycee for 15 years. From 25 yo to 40 yo 1.) What made you want to join the Jaycees? I had been involved in local charitable activities such as the March of Dimes and some other local committees. I enjoyed interacting with the people within our local communities and it was rewarding to see the money that was raised to help the needy and it was very humbling. Jim Fragle approached me during a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and recruited me to the Jaycees. I loved it from that moment on, and dove in with both feet. I made it a


We are a group of young professionals who work together to make our town an overall better place. 

DuBois Area Jaycees
P. O. Box 23
DuBois, PA 15801



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The Jaycees are a tax deductible 501c(4) organization for businesses.

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