Back to the (Jaycees) Past

Unfortunately, there won't be DeLoreans, Michael J. Fox or Doc Brown in this blog post. However, there will be some nostalgia for those who were former members of the DuBois Chapter. Recently, a former DuBois Jaycee reached out to current DuBois Jaycees President, Randi Johnson, to share memorabilia from the 50th Anniversary Jaycee event that took place in 1970 in St.Louis. Lloyd Westover, who currently resides in Chicago, spoke with Johnson about his time as a DuBois Jaycee (1968-1972). He fondly shared his experience, and he was happy to hear that the Chapter is still thriving in the area. Westover kept mementos from his time at the 50th Anniversary for the Jaycees organization, but he tho


We are a group of young professionals who work together to make our town an overall better place. 

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The Jaycees are a tax deductible 501c(4) organization for businesses.

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