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Q. What is the Dubois Area Jaycees?
A. Founded in 1956, the DuBois Jaycees is the oldest continuously active community service, social and leadership training organization for young professionals in Pennsylvania.

Q. What kinds of community projects are the Jaycees involved in?
A. The Jaycees’ most popular community activities include the Golf Scrambles, The Lottery, Delivering Thanksgiving Meal, Children’s Christmas Shopping, and more. Check out our calendar of events to find out what is going on around you.

Q. How about social activities?
A. The Jaycees hosts social activities for members annually. Past examples of social activities have included happy hours, a weekly trivia contest, movie nights, home socials and a day trips.

Q. I’ve looked at your calendar, and the Jaycees have a LOT going on! What if I can’t fit it all into my schedule?
A. Unlike many other civic organizations, there is no attendance requirement for the DuBois Jaycees. Most members come out to a handful of events each year; a few come to nearly all of them. It’s a personal preference.

Q. What can the Jaycees do for me personally?
A. The Jaycees is a great way to meet friends, whether you’re new to the area or a lifelong resident (or somewhere in between). And some of our members become even more than friends—a number of current chapter members have met their significant others through the organization. The Jaycees offers singles and couples a chance to get to know new people whether it’s by helping out in the community or attending social functions.

Q. What can the Jaycees do for me professionally?
A. Employers LOVE to see the Jaycees’ name on resumes. In DuBois, throughout the United States and even around the world, the Jaycees is known as an organization of “doers.” In recent years we’ve had members who received job offers based on their work in this organization. The Jaycees offer networking opportunities with local elected officials and members of the DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce. For those who are interested, the Jaycees also offer members the chance to plan and run projects, giving them a leg up on everything from organizational and budgeting skills to staff and volunteer management.

Q. Do I have to be a member to participate in Jaycees events?
A. We would never ask anyone to join an organization before they had a chance to experience it first-hand. Those wanting to learn more about the Jaycees are welcome at all membership meetings and most events. We do encourage those who like what they see to become a full member of the chapter. Email us at with any questions you may have about upcoming events or membership our Chapter. 

Q. I noticed that “faith in God” is part of the Jaycee Creed. Is the Jaycees a religious organization?
A. The Jaycee Creed is the international creed of the United States Junior Chamber (U.S. Jaycees) and Junior Chamber International (JCI) and has remained unchanged since 1953. The DuBois Jaycees are not affiliated with any particular religion or political party.

Q. I heard that “Jaycees” is really short for “Junior Chamber of Commerce.” Is the Jaycees a business organization?
A. Not in the sense that most people mean. The U.S. Jaycees was established as the “Junior Chamber of Commerce” in 1920 as a reflection of its original mission—giving its members a chance to learn business skills outside the office or college setting. Though the Jaycees still offers leadership training for those interested, the organization has evolved into much more than that over the past nine decades, transforming into the community service and social organization it is today.

Q. So the Jaycees isn’t associated with the Chamber of Commerce at all?
A. In DuBois, the Jaycees does continue to maintain a close relationship with the DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce.  Because the Jaycees is a member of the Chamber, chapter members have the opportunity to attend Chamber functions. However, the DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce and DuBois Jaycees are two completely separate organizations.

Q. Is there an age limit to become a member of the Jaycees?
A. According to bylaws set by the DuBois Area Jaycees, membership in the DuBois Jaycees is restricted to those ages 21-40.

Q. Can I still be a member of the DuBois Jaycees even if I don’t live in DuBois?
A. Yes. As one of the few Jaycees chapter in central PA, we have members from Brockway, Brockport, Punxsutawney, etc. 

Q. How do I join?
A. Membership application forms are available here and may be mailed to the address provided on the form or given to any member of the board of directors in person at any Jaycees meeting or event. Dues are $60 per year.  Dues are payable at the same time the membership form is turned in.

Q. If I have questions, whom should I contact?
A. For general questions about the DuBois Jaycees, please contact the Chapter President at or through our website contact page. 

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