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2024 Jaycees Officers

Matt Cherubini

Supervises the Jaycee's activities and is the primary representative of the organization. Works to recruit new Jaycees members, and to make the organization grow within the community.

VP Mgmt & Development:
Michael Hutchins

Is the President Elect of the Jaycees organization. Works with the President on membership, finances, public relations, and fundraising.

VP Individual Development:
Neil Hanes

Works on projects and programs that help with the development of each member within the Jaycees organization.

VP Community Development:
Zach Dippold


Works on projects and programs that fosters community involvement, and creates community service opportunities for Jaycees members.

Jamie Hoffer

Issues notices of and collects dues. Maintains financial records, budgets and reports the financial status of the Jaycees organization.

Mandy Narvey

Maintains records of the organization, sends out notices of meeting, and records the minutes of each meeting.

Parliamentarian Adviser:
Sheri Price

Scholarship Liaison Adviser:
Matt Cherubini
Historian/PR Adviser:
Mikaela Loy

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