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Presidential Legacy Spotlight: Greg Kruk

Your name: Greg Kruk

Occupation: Lawyer

Year you were President: April 1983 - April 1984

How many years were you a Jaycee: 13

1.) What made you want to join the Jaycees? A friend asked me to join.

2.) What was the most memorable moment you had during your tenure in the Jaycees organization? The Tom Mix Festival and the state softball tournament.

3.) What was the most valuable lesson your learned in being a part of the Jaycees? How many talented people live and work in this area and community.

4.) What would you tell those who were interested in the joining Jaycees? Join! You will have fun and make a lot of good friends.

5.) What was your favorite Jaycee event? All of them - The Lottery, Christmas shopping, Haunted House, Golf, Bowing, etc.

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