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What it means to be a Jaycee - a poem

For every reason has been written,

on why it’s important to be a Jaycee.

You make friends, hold fundraisers and serve your beloved community.

Our DuBois Chapter is no different, founded in 1956.

Our members have given so much to our town,

leaving legacies forever transfixed.

Time progressed and our events evolved and changed,

But the mission and reason have always stayed the same.

To give back to our brotherhood,

And do goodwill for humanity.

To build a pool, hold an Easter egg hunt or Christmas shop for local families.

We are a non-profit,

holding fundraisers to sustain the funds we need,

hosting 80’s dances, golf scrambles and our reverse lottery.

It’s not easy in this time,

to ask for donations from local businesses,

We worry that we overwhelm them,

and ask too much of their kindness.

The truth is, that we are truly grateful

for all that we have been given.

We are so lucky to have such a supportive town

that believes in our vision.

As for every past member,

that has paved the way before our time,

we thank you for your ambition,

and dedication to keep our Chapter alive.

So next time when someone asks you,

What does it mean to be a Jaycee,

The answer is simple,

“We provide service for a better humanity.”


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