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Presidential Legacy: Ed Nasuti

Name: Edward S Nasuti

Occupation: Civil Engineer / President Lee-Simpson Assoc. Inc.

DuBois Jaycee President: 1980-1981

How many years were you a member: 11 years (at that time you were required to leave the Jaycees at age 35)

1.) What was the most memorable moment you had during your tenure in the Jaycees organization? Probably when I received the Jaycee International Senator award.. It meant a lot because the other members of the Chapter at that time had to do a lot of work in order to make sure that a Chapter member qualified for the Senator membership.

2.) What was the most valuable lesson your learned in being a part of the Jaycees? The value of teamwork and leadership to complete a successful project.

3.) What would you tell those who were interested in the joining Jaycees? I would tell any young adult that the Jaycees represent a great opportunity to meet and work with other young adults in developing leadership skills and project management skills. The lessons learned and the friendships developed in the Jaycees will last a lifetime.

4.) What was your favorite Jaycee event? One of my favorite projects was the Super teams Project. The project involved recruiting local teams from area businesses and clubs to compete in a series of events including inter tube racing in the Jaycee pool, home run derby on the Little League field, an obstacle course and other fun events. The project was very successful for a number of years and helped keep the Jaycees in the public eye.

A special note from Ed Nasuti:

Thanks for the opportunity to remember some of the great times I shared with the DuBois Jaycees from the 1970’s and 1980’s We were a very small group of 3-5 members when Jim Fragle rallied the troops and we able to keep our Chapter charter by exceeding 20 members. Since we had very few members most of our projects were family events ( in the 1970’s and early 1980’s the Jaycees were an all male organization, we welcomed our first females to our Chapter in the early 80’s).

Some of the projects that we began during that time such as the Lottery and Christmas shopping spree continue today and thankfully some of our projects have been replaced with newer and better projects. However the I am sure that the Jaycee spirit of service to humanity is alive and well in the DuBois Area Chapter today.


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