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Tis the season to be so many things

As we close up our 2018 season, we have a lot to be thankful for as a Chapter. We have a strong core group of members who are dedicated to our mission and the events we host. Our community is supportive and receptive to our Chapter, and gives us the avenues we need to reach out to those within our town.

We are especially thankful for our families who support us in our Jaycee endeavors, sometimes joining us to partake in the events, or in helping us with the setting up or tearing down. To our friends, who lend a hand when they can, and if we are lucky, become a Jaycee themselves. We are grateful for all of you.

To the many local businesses and former members who support us through donations or in helping us craft our biggest fundraisers, we thank for your continually contributions towards our Chapter.

We truly have so much to be thankful for, especially as we head into the holidays and look forward to our future. We are lucky to have a Jaycee organization in our town for its young citizens who made DuBois their home, or came back to raise their own family. We are just one of the few Pennsylvania towns who have a Jaycee Chapter, and for that alone, we are truly grateful.

So cheers to an awesome 2018 and for all that we could do for community. The DuBois Jaycees are excited for 2019 - for the good times to come, for the membership to grow and sustain, and for the memories we hope to make to keep our beloved Chapter alive for our town for years to come.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays!


Your DuBois Jaycees

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