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Hanes officially named 2019 PA Jaycees President


Neil Hanes has officially been sworn in as the 83rd Pennsylvania State Jaycee President at the year-end board meeting held in Wyomissing, PA on February 9th. Hanes’ theme this year is “Dare To,” in which Hanes urges new and returning members to step out of their comfort zone and step up to take on new and exciting challenges. His main focus is to build engagement with current membership while also striving to gain more interest among potential new members throughout his tenure. Hanes also looks forward to carrying on the passion for the Jaycee organization that has been upheld by the past presidents before him.

This is only the second time a DuBois member has held the position as state President. Elmer Myers held the position as state President in 1972. Hanes is honored to follow in Myers’ footsteps and hopes to carry on the legacy that he set before him.

Also sworn in for the 2019 state board were DuBois members Megan Vallely as State Treasurer, Sheri Price as State Secretary and Summer Anderson as Hanes’ Communication Director. Hamburg members, Amy Newton (72nd State President), will serve as Hanes’ Chief of Staff, Krista Muir (77th State President) will be an advisor to Hanes, along with 2018 PA Jaycees President, Colleen Whitman.

Front row (L-R) 2019 President Neil Hanes and 2018 PA President/Advisor Colleen Whitman. Back row (L-R) Chief of Staff Amy Newton, Advisor Krista Muir, Communication Director Summer Anderson, Treasurer Megan Vallely and Secretary Sheri Price.

Hanes is excited for his new role within the Jaycee organization and looks forward to the year ahead of him. He plans to visit various events around the state and is excited to meet members from all the different Chapters around Pennsylvania.

If you would like to reach out to President Neil, you can contact him at

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