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DuBois Jaycees update local sign

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The DuBois Jaycees want to welcome you to our town in a way that's memorable. For many years, the DuBois Jaycees have had a sign that 'welcomes' people into our community on Route 219 coming off of I-80 (Right next to the American Fusion Restaurant). About 10-12 years ago, our sign was updated by former Jaycee member, Leanne Nedza's husband, Doug Siple.

Zach Dippold with sign created by Doug Siple

While the sign always caught the eye of our members and citizens, our membership that it was time to update the sign with our logo and current color scheme. The saying, "Be Extraordinary. Be Innovated. Be Involved. Be a Jaycee" came from our former DuBois Jaycee President and current PA Jaycee state President, Neil Hanes' 2015 Presidential slogan. It really encompasses what being a Jaycee is about, and seems to be the perfect fit for a sign that is seen by many locals and visitors to our area.

At one of the last meetings of 2019, former Jaycee President and member, Dr. Chris Shaw had local business, Sekula Signs recreate his business sign for his Optometry location. In doing so, Shaw also brought up that he could show them our idea for a new Jaycees sign. It was decided by our membership that we would create a new sign 'template' and forward to Sekula Sign for their review.

When the DuBois Jaycees met for their first meeting in 2020, Shaw said that Sekula sign not only recreated our design but already had it placed in the location of where the older sign had once been.

New sign debuted in 2020

We are so excited for our new sign as we enter a new decade. We hope it (along with our Chapter) will be around for many years to come.


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