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Jaycees "New Member Night" Offers Fun in the Form of Pizza & Painting

When the DuBois Jaycees were throwing out different ideas for their annual, Jaycees New Member Night, a plethora of options were given out. While many ideas were good, one really stuck out to the Chapter. Current Jaycee and VP of Individual Development, Jamie Hoffer, mentioned doing a paint and pizza event right before our Chapter meeting. As something that wasn't done before, it was an idea that many members really liked and wanted to pursue.

"I was trying to think of something different to do this year for the new member night. Re-invent-ed (the host for the paint & custom canvases) was a part of the Spring Creative Crawl that I did this year and I thought it would be a perfect fit," said Hoffer of coming up with this year's idea.

In the past, the DuBois Jaycees, have done different events to show what the Jaycees are about and offer introductory meetings as a way to meet the current membership. According to Hoffer, "I feel this is a great opportunity to socialize with the current Jaycee's members. Since the event takes place right before our meeting, we welcome all potential new members to stay and hear more about the Jaycees and what they having going on in the community."

The event is set to take place at 5:30PM on Tuesday, June 18th at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in DuBois. There are six canvas options to choose from that can appease both men and women. The cost, including both pizza and painting, is completely free for new and potential members, while current membership will pay $20. The flyer for the event will be included at the bottom and can also be downloaded here.

Hoffer looks forward to meeting and seeing new faces at this upcoming Jaycees New Member Night. "I have gotten some feedback from a few people who are interested and excited to come, and I'm hopeful to get more to attend," said Hoffer.

If you are coming out to our event, we look forward to meeting you and hearing about your passion for community service. We were all first time members at one time, so we know what's like to walk into something completely new. Hoffer gives some advice to those out there who are on the fence about coming or joining the Jaycees, " I enjoy the Jaycees because it is a great way to network and meet new people. Being a part of this organization is a great way to get involved and give back to the community."

We look forward to our upcoming event and to meeting new people in our community. Hope to see you there!

Our Facebook event link can also be found here - Be sure to mark as 'attending' so that enough canvases can be supplied. You can also let Jamie Hoffer know as well as her contact information can be found the flyer.

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