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Jaycees aim to give back to the community they love

This is an ever-changing and evolving world we live in now. Between a virus that is silently looming over us, to a prejudice that still seems to linger in the minds of our country, it begs for us to look for the good in such a dark moment in our time.

That is why the DuBois Jaycees want to give back and share the love among the community that always supports them. DuBois Jaycee member and current Treasurer, Jamie Hoffer, came up with an excellent way to do just that. She proposed the idea of a "Gift Card Tree" made up of gift cards from different local businesses in the DuBois area. The Jaycees chipped in to buy the gift cards, but many businesses donated gift cards on their own.

"I knew it would mean a lot to all the businesses that we ask a lot of through the year, to give something back them in return for their generosity," Hoffer said about coming up with this idea. The total value of the Gift Card tree is $200 worth of gift cards to local businesses in the DuBois area.

After the gift cards were purchased or donated, Hoffer creatively created a tree with each branch housing a unique gift card. Below are the businesses that have gift cards available:

$20 Winery at Wilcox - Donated by Winery

$20 DuBois Dermotology

$20 Serenity Beauty Spa - Donated by Serenity Beauty Spa

$20 North Crate & Co.

$20 Luigi's Ristorante

$20 ACE Hardware

$20 Anderson Auto Detailing

$20 Aegis Coffee Roasters

$20 Brady Street Florist

$20 Hockman's Candy - Donated by Hockman's Candy

Tickets are being sold by Jaycee members and are $5 each. You can reach out to any Jaycee member that you know, contact us on our Facebook page, by email or contact us on our website.

Help us help the businesses that always give back to those in our area, and spread the love that our world needs right now.

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