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Thank you, DuBois Business College

There is no way to adequately express the immense sense of loss that we all feel having seen the closing of the DuBois Business College. Its presence meant so much not only to the students that attended the college, but also to the entirety of the DuBois community. It is not an exaggeration to say that our workforce is stronger because of their influence and vocational programs. The great impact that the DuBois Business College has left on our area is irreplaceable and will always live on through its students. The DuBois Jaycees want to thank the DuBois Business College for all of their partnership efforts in supporting our causes and events. While our hearts are heavy with their closing, our gratitude for all that they have done for our organization will never be forgotten.

Thank you, DuBois Business College, for all that you have done.

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