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Back to the (Jaycees) Past

Unfortunately, there won't be DeLoreans, Michael J. Fox or Doc Brown in this blog post. However, there will be some nostalgia for those who were former members of the DuBois Chapter. Recently, a former DuBois Jaycee reached out to current DuBois Jaycees President, Randi Johnson, to share memorabilia from the 50th Anniversary Jaycee event that took place in 1970 in St.Louis.

Lloyd Westover, who currently resides in Chicago, spoke with Johnson about his time as a DuBois Jaycee (1968-1972). He fondly shared his experience, and he was happy to hear that the Chapter is still thriving in the area. Westover kept mementos from his time at the 50th Anniversary for the Jaycees organization, but he thought they would better serve the DuBois Chapter by keeping these items in their hands.

These items include a flag (whom he scaled a light pole for), brochures, pins and emblems that were shared at the last Jaycee meeting. Westover wrote a letter to Johnson about these items, and shared his hopes for current Jaycees members to attend the 100th anniversary event coming up in 2020.

His letter to the DuBois Jaycees:

Hi Randi:

It was good to talk with you.

Back in the day when I was 24, I could still do crazy things like climb a light pole with wrenches and screwdrivers to take down a double set of banners and flags. Those days are long gone.

I really encourage you and some of your cohorts in crime to go to the 100th anniversary. It should be an outstanding event.

You and the chapter have it good now since the Jaycees gave the pool back to the city. Every spring we would go to one chapter member's business - get an air compressor and jack hammers and repair the cracked pipes, pump out the well from all the winter snow, scrub the whole pool with muriatic acid, and some years we would paint it. We would then prime the big pump and start filling it. It took days to fill.

Our other fun project was the Carnival in July in front of the pool. We also did the flags on holidays and the Christmas lights.


Lloyd Westover

Thank you, Lloyd Westover, for sharing these items with the DuBois Chapter and in keeping the memory of the past alive in the heart of its current members.


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